Coaching on established methods critical to achieving career goals, say Tipton Training

Dentists with ambitious career goals should invest in recognised qualifications focusing on providing the right tools and methods to both increase career prospects and deliver treatments that satisfy patient requirements, according to one of the UK’s leading dental training centres.

The message from CEO, Vivek Gupta, is that this is something Tipton Training can assist with: “Dentistry is an industry which continually evolves. That’s why it’s vital that dentists keep clear career objectives in mind.

For instance, dentists should ask themselves where they want to be in the next 5 – 10 years – and what kind of life they want to lead. The GDC through its new Enhanced CPD proposal has emphasised the value a Personal Development Plan offers and all of this goes back to a dentist spending time on what they want to achieve and how they go about achieving it.

I’m proud to say our entire lecturing team are well established figures in dentistry and in turn are excellent coaches to our delegates. They give dentists the right skills and qualifications to navigate their individual specific career paths. All of what is taught on a Tipton Training Course can be applied in practice the very next day.

The speed at which this industry is growing is simply astounding. New treatment methods come and many disappear. There needs to be a balance between learning emerging techniques and learning trusted methods. At Tipton Training, we review our courses annually and every year its becoming more challenging. We have a clear process by which we go by adding new methods to our courses. Nothing will be added unless we can be sure it adds indefinite value to our delegates learning experience.”

Tipton Training now offer Masters level courses i.e. Level 7 Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas. The most successful dentists benefit from a clear career path in the right mentored environment and this is something which Tipton Training pride themselves on.

Training Philosophy

Tipton Training’s training philosophy is based on its belief that dentistry is a hands-on profession. Specifically, the organisation recognises that dentists use both scientific knowledge and hands-on clinical skills to deliver quality treatments.

“There is no chance to tell a patient that you want to check a textbook or phone a friend. You plan a treatment, know what needs to be done, how to execute and then deliver the treatment to a certain quality level. This puts a different level of pressure on Dentists.

At Tipton Training, we follow the ‘Learn-Practice-Reflect-Perform’ philosophy. We feel this prepares delegates in the right way to perform in practice.
Delegates learn through face-to-face teaching, various scientific papers and other study material provided on courses. However, it’s vital that delegates can use these skills on a day to day basis. That’s why our assessment strategy follows the practice and reflect elements of our philosophy” explains Vivek Gupta.

Level 7 = Master level recognised qualification

This training philosophy is embodied in Tipton Training’s new Level 7 Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas.

A Level 7 course is a nationally recognised and guaranteed level of quality. This status is only awarded to courses after the curriculum, its method of delivery and assessment is verified by a body such as EduQual.

:Upgrading our courses to Masters level or as they put in the formal education industry at Level 7 was a significant change. Awarding a Level 7 PG Certificate or PG Diploma means that a delegate has achieved a level of knowledge encapsulated by a set of learning outcomes and measured by assessments.

The courses retain the flexibility and scope of a traditional Tipton Training course, with enhanced value added by assessments aligned to our Training Philosophy. We didn’t want to make assessments onerous.

These qualifications will help dentists stay at the forefront of the industry – as they represent a first-class and quality assured education. As a result, dentists will deliver better treatments to their patients, giving them the potential to earn more income.

Achievement of a PG Certificate or PG Diploma is dependent on the completion of the required number of credits for that qualification, which in return is dependent on the assessments completed. We present the assessments to the awarding body who then issue the certificate” explains Vivek Gupta.

Approved EduQual Centre
Tipton Training is a prospective EduQual centre. This means the organisation is committed to investing heavily in resources, while maintaining robust assessment and internal quality assurance procedures. These standards are the responsibility of Tipton Training’s senior management team.

Postgraduate Certificates & Diplomas
Dentists who want to establish a clear career path should consider registering for one of Tipton Training’s courses.

The following courses will start in October 2017:

• PG Certificate in Restorative Dentistry
• PG Certificate in Operative Dentistry
• PG Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry

PG Diplomas

• PG Diploma in Prosthodontics
• PG Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry
• PG Diploma in Restorative Dentistry
• PG Diploma in Implant Prosthodontics

Flexible Financing
Tipton Training courses are now more accessible, as the centre offers interest-free finance to dentists. This allows dentists to spread their course costs over a longer period of time.

For more information about Tipton Training, please call +44 (0)161 348 7849.

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