Excellence in Report Writing Course

Excellence in Report Writing Course


Excellence in Report Writing Course
Course Date: TBC in Manchester
Venue: Manchester
Price: £270+ VAT
Max. Delegates: 14
Duration 1 day

Add a new income stream to your business, become an Expert Witness

The legal profession need a lot more experts to comment on vehicle accidents, trauma as well as negligence. You don’t need to be a specialist to be an Expert Witness.

With the correct training, an experienced dentist whether an associate or a principle can become an Expert Witness.

The advantages of becoming an Expert Witness are:

  • New income generated outside of practice
  • Flexible hours
  • Learning new skills
  • Mixing with the legal profession
  • Helping patients

Professor Tipton has been involved with providing excellent standards of legal services for many years and knows the value of professional guidance in the initial stages of becoming an expert witness for the legal profession.

At present there is a shortage of trained expert witnesses for the legal profession to consult, this offers an excellent opportunity to grow and add a new business stream independent of your practice.

Do the ‘Excellence in Report Writing’ course In Association With Bond Solon.

An expert witness’s report is a vital element in litigation. It must be clear, succinct, independent and well-presented under cross examination in court.

This course explores what lawyers and the courts expect and require from an expert witness’s report. You’ll be taught how to assess your own and other experts’ reports, and to produce, quickly and consistently, reports that are court-compliant and that can withstand cross-examination.

“After applying the techniques learnt to my own report writing, it has unequivocally lead to further instruction. The feedback on my reports from instructing solicitors has been so great that they in turn have recommended me to other law firms.”

Simon Thackeray, Dentist

Key Learning Points:

Identifying the issues to be addressed in your report

Using a structured approach to preparation and writing

Expressing an independent view and arguing your conclusion

Handling supporting information

Developing an objective and critical eye in relation to your report

Dealing with procedural requirements including The Expert’s Declaration

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