Dental Business Consultancy

COVID-19 and the enforced economic lockdown has put considerable strain on dental practices across the United Kingdom. As the economy gradually reopens, you need a plan that allows you to retain your patients and staff, while earning an income for you and your family.

Things you may need to consider

  • Assess how lockdown has affected your numbers and bottom line.
  • Work out how to improve your cash flow.
  • Apply for relevant government support schemes and loans.
  • Look at your pricing structure and recognise its importance.
  • Understand how small fee increases can have a significant impact on your profits.
  • Consider moving from NHS/Mixed Practice to Private Practice.

  • Change your opening days and hours to maximise productivity.
  • Consider increasing your marketing, while competitors cut back.
  • Learn the new techniques of the online Digital Consultation.
  • Change to quadrant/full mouth dentistry to reduce changeover time.
  • Understand the major safety fears your patients have and how to address them.
  • Consider opening a second surgery to alternate between to minimise downtime.

  • Ask whether Associates are still viable (and at what percentage).
  • Introduce sliding scales of remuneration.
  • Understand how to utilise new social media channels to get more patients.
  • Broaden your portfolio of techniques, including rubber dam.
  • Replace your high speed turbine with a speed increasing handpiece.
  • Learn and implement new HR regulations.
  • How to make sure your staff buy in to all the new changes.

About Professor Paul Tipton

Professor Paul Tipton has 35 years of experience in establishing and scaling private practices.

He has been through many crises and downturns before including ‘Black Monday’, the HIV crisis and how that changed the way dentists worked, the financial crisis of 2008, how CQC altered how the practice runs and has great experience of how to come out of them and thrive again.

Throughout his career, he has also worked with some of the country's top business consultants including currently Andy MacDougall from ‘Spot On Consulting’. It's this experience that makes Professor Paul Tipton and the Tipton Training team the perfect consultancy partner to help your practice navigate COVID-19.

If you'd like to discuss Dental Business Consultancy, please fill in the contact form below to book a free online consultation.

Alternatively, you can enrol in the new Dental MBA (one year long) course, which starts in September 2020.

This course has been put together by Paul and Andy MacDougall and includes other top business consultants. It is designed to help dentists efficiently run their own practice and ultimately create a successful business.The business side of Dentistry isn’t taught at university and now for the first time you can learn all the successful techniques required to start, run and ultimately sell your mixed or private practice and maximise profits along the way.

Dental Business Consultancy

If you'd like to find out more info about the Dental Business Consultancy, please fill in the contact form below to book a free online consultation.

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