Lessons from the UK’s youngest private practice owner

ParagBecoming a successful dentist can unlock many benefits, such as financial freedom and more spare time to share with family and friends. At Tipton Training dentists have to opportunity to learn more and become more experienced in different fields of their dentistry career.

Tipton Training has been sharing its wisdom with dentists for over 25 years now. During this time many dentists have gone on to achieve special things within the UK dentistry industry. One such delegate to do this is Dr Parag Shah, who is now principal dentist at Wye Dental.

Parag decided to progress his career further by looking at postgraduate courses at Tipton Training.

At 25 years of age, Parag is the youngest private practice owner in the UK. He recently completed The Restorative Course and The Phantom Head Course at Tipton Training, giving him the necessary skills to run a competitive private practice.

“I enrolled on The Restorative Course in 2014 and The Phantom Head course in 2015. They complement each other well. The amount you can learn and then put into practice by doing them together is phenomenal,” explains Parag.

“I don’t regret it one bit. With effort and understanding, the level of precision you can detail into in your preps is astonishing. Picking up a hand-piece now brings with it a sense of excitement!”

Parag goes on to say that The Restorative Course and The Phantom Course have increased his confidence and reinforced his ambition to have a distinguished career in private practice, and that he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tipton Training to ambitious dentists.

“You only know what you don’t know, once you know it. Tipton Training showed me the potential within dentistry to develop pride and enthusiasm for your career,” adds Parag.

“For those of you who are afraid of the cost, I would wholly recommend doing them early on in your career. The longer you wait, the more room you have to develop bad habits, to burn out and lose enthusiasm.

“As you move further from graduation, your time becomes more valuable and the opportunity cost of doing the courses later on in your career grows. As an associate, my time was far less valuable than it is now as a principal, so in real terms the courses would cost me more had I waited.”

Watch Parag’s video testimonial

Parag’s achievements have impressed Tipton Training’s founder, Professor Paul Tipton.

“Parag is another exceptional example of a young dental professional who wants to go and make his mark on the world,” explains Professor Paul Tipton, founder of Tipton Training.

“The fact he has gone on to open a private practice at 25 is testament to his desire to learn and succeed in dentistry. It’s typical of the kind of delegates who register for our courses. They recognise that it takes determination and a willingness to challenge accepted methods to become successful.

“I’m sure this is just the start for Parag and that he will go on to have an exceptionally distinguished career in private dentistry.”

The Restorative Course is a is a step-by-step programme in the form of practical sessions, lectures and demonstrations – delivering the foundation for private dentistry. The course takes delegates through the theoretical, scientific and engineering principles behind restorative dentistry – a perfect balance of 60% theoretical and 40% practical.

The Phantom Head Course builds on the theoretical, scientific and engineering principles learned on the The Restorative Course – giving delegates the confidence to take on significant restorative cases.

Both courses are available in London and Manchester, with spaces available for early 2016.

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