Patient Centered – Best Choices

Key Course Information

Price: Ranges from £995 – £2,500 (inc VAT)
How to Pay: Via 0% interest instalments over 3 – 12 months or via Swift Plus.
Modules: 8
Duration: 3 days face-to-face or 6 half days online
Start Date: Multiple intakes per year
CPD: 22.5 hours
Location: Choose between online or face-to-face (at a venue near Buckinghamshire / Oxfordshire)
Delivered by: Dr Jane Lelean

What is Patient-Centred Dentistry?

Become the Dentist Everyone Loves to Recommend.

Patient-centred dentistry is about empathy, the ability to see your patients, understand their wants, needs, preferences and to be able to do something about it. Delivering what patients want will help grow your practice, your reputation, and clinical skills without pushing, discounting, or working super long hours.

“Patient-Centred – Best Choices” is a series of fully interactive workshops that will give you simple, easy to remember tools that you can implement immediately, enabling your patients to make the best choices for their treatment options, while increasing your treatment plan conversions at the same time. The 3-day interactive workshop is followed by a series of live webinars and access to an exclusive discussion forum where you’ll meet other dentists, network and share insights.

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Who is this course for?

Dentists and dental team members who are committed to making a difference both personally and professionally and want to:

  • Feel more confident.
  • Be proud of the dentistry they deliver.
  • Continually learn, improve & raise standards.
  • Do their best for their patients and team.
  • Have an easier and fulfilling life by involving and developing their team.
  • Be successful, recognised and remunerated for great dentistry.

By the end of this programme, you will be equipped with a simple yet effective communication framework that will enable you to do better quality dentistry, earn more money and enjoy your work, by putting your patients first.

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Course Modules

1. What is a Patient-Centred Approach?

Patient-centred dentistry is about putting your patient at the centre of their care and treatment. This course will enable you to recognise that only when you put your patients at the centre of everything you do, will you be able to reduce the fear and risk of complaints and litigation. Patient-Centred BEST CHOICES will enable you to achieve a better work/life balance, and help you become the dentist everyone loves to recommend.

2. Elegant Effective History Taking

Effective patient history taking is an essential part of your patient care. We will enable you and your team to learn exactly what you need to listen out for, make note of and why. By the end of the course, you will understand how effective patient history taking is the key to success for both you and your patient – and how to go about it.

3. Discovering Patients’ Wants, Needs & Preferences.

Patients often think they know what treatment they need. However, you know more about what is available, the risks, benefits, and longevity of each treatment. It is frustrating when your patient chooses the cheapest or overseas option rather than the best. It is demoralising for you to deliver treatment you know will fail early, or that you do not enjoy providing. Patient-Centred– BEST CHOICES provides a framework that will enable you to discover your patients’ true wants and motivations. You will learn step-by-step foolproof ways to overcome objections, refine treatment plans, attract the right patients, and do the rewarding dentistry you really enjoy.

4. Compelling Treatment Plan Presentations.

5. Preventing and Overcoming Objections

Making a start on treatment is dependent on you being able to identify and resolve your patients, fears, concerns, or objections. We will teach you how to conversationally flush out what could stop your patients going ahead and give you tools to pre-empt and overcome any objections, building the trust and relationship to convert a no to a yes.

6. Dealing with the Question of Price

Price is different to value. When your patients value the work you do, price becomes less of an obstacle. We will teach and your team how to discover and deliver what is important to your patients, so they choose what is best, not what is cheapest.

7. How to Build your Patient List

Imagine spending your day only treating the patients you like and doing the work you love. We will teach you how to make this a reality by creating a perfect patient journey, so you can win your ideal patients, generate amazing testimonials, and attract top quality referrals.

8. Dealing with “Is this available on the NHS?”

The “is this available on the NHS?” question is one that plagues a lot of dental practices, and it can feel impossible to answer when you don’t feel confident in your response. We will give you the tools so you know how to safely, accurately, and confidently answer this question in a way that protects you, gets the best outcome for your patient, and doesn’t compromise on the service you want to deliver.

Course Structure & Fees

We have made it as easy as possible for you to attend this course, with a variety of ways for you to join, so you can learn in a way that works for you. You can choose from the following options:

  • 3 full face-to-face days, in house, or at an open workshop.
  • 6 half days online, in house, or at an open workshop.

When you sign up, you will also receive exclusive access to a closed discussion forum where you can network with other dentists, access to 4 follow-up webinars over a 12-month period and a free place for one DCP per dentist attending.

In-person Workshops:
Prices range from £995 to £2,500 depending on how many years you’ve been qualified as a dentist.

Online – Weekdays:
Prices range from £995 to £2,500 depending on how many years you’ve been qualified as a dentist.

Online – Weekends:
Prices range from £1,243.75 to £3,125 depending on how many years you’ve been qualified as a dentist.

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Delivered by Dr Jane Lelean

When it comes to something as important as transforming your dental practice you can’t afford to make any major errors. The current climate has made it hard enough for dentists and practice owners to keep themselves afloat. We know how important it is for you to have peace of mind that your money and your time is being well spent.

Most coaches have never walked in your shoes so how could they know what you’re going through? That’s where this course is different. Your trainer and coach, Dr Jane Lelean, has experienced the traumas of when things go wrong and understands just how crucial coaching can be to turning things around – it is what helped her get herself back on her feet.

A qualified and accredited international dental business coach, certified trainer and dentist, Dr Jane Lelean is the only dentist globally to hold the acclaimed Master Certified Coach (MCC) accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). With her team she has supported hundreds of clients, like you, worldwide to produce tangible results so they can fall in love with dentistry again.

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“A terrific course that was an eye opener for me. I was literally afraid it would be difficult to follow and implement in real life, but I had lots of fun doing it and I learned useful templates which I can use to offer my patients the treatment they need and collect the reward I deserve. I definitely recommend.” GC, Dentist

“Challenging, provoking, puts passion back into work! Engages dentists in patient relationships.” MC, Practice Manager

“I highly recommend this course! My only regret is not attending this course earlier in my career.” 10 years qualified Associate Dentist

“It will give you the tools to increase your private work on a comfortable and ethical position. Thank you Jane.” EB, Dentist

“I fully recommend this course, not only for the dentists, but for the entire practice. It has changed my way of thinking and allowed me to think laterally and outside the box. I feel I will go into practice tomorrow a better dentist. Do the course!” CG, Dentist

Patient Centered – Best Choices

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