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This training consists of three days training delivered as either 3 face to face days or 6 half day sessions on zoom. You will learn the theoretical and experiential principles behind a communication model that will enable you to turn all the clinical theory and practice you have already done with Tipton Training and turn it in to Treatment plans that your patients are excited about.

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The course is completed over 12-months via Blended Learning, combining teaching sessions, delivered either face-to-face sessions or online, with interactive webinars, the graduate forum and bespoke optional 1-2-1 coaching sessions. You have the opportunity to bring any or all of your clinical and support team.

The course is delivered by our expert tutor, Master Certified Coach, and dentist, Dr Jane Lelean You will hone your communication, business and entrepreneurial skills using the latest knowledge combined with tried and tested approaches.

Topics covered building rapid rapport, eliciting information, taking your patients to the SHOP, CRAFTING your treatment plan presentation, use of metaphors and analogies, preventing objections, 3 ways to overcome objections, gaining commitment, referrals and testimonials, delivering WOW, guarantees, building confidence, working with Patient Care Coordinators.

With this knowledge, you will become the dentist everyone loves to recommend and put all you have learnt from Paul and his team into practice. Don’t just take our word for it –scroll down to read the testimonials from our clients.

Dr Jane Lelean


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Jane is a dentist whose career was transformed through attending a Paul Tipton course, transitioning from an associate offering primarily NHS treatment to a principal of a predominantly private practice.

In 2005 Jane qualified as a coach, in 2021 she was accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) becoming the only dentist in the world to hold the highest level of accreditation from the ICF.

Jane has completed advance training in the health applications of coaching, and has many years of experience of assisting clients in overcoming stress, anxiety, burnout, addictions, depression, career planning and many other issues common place in dentistry.

At dental school you were taught the fundamentals of dentistry and are not taught anything about practice management. Since 2007 Jane has been coaching, training and mentoring dentists and team members, using her unique blend of dental of coaching experience, so that you become the dentist everyone loves to recommend, and your practice is everything you dreamed off and more.

International Dental Business coach, trainer, and mentor

Jane Lelean is an internationally acclaimed coach who qualified as a dentist in 1990 and remains ‘damp fingered’ because she loves dentistry. Jane has been coaching with clients worldwide since 2007. Because coaching is an approach that is not reliant on sector knowledge, Jane she has worked with clients from 60 different market sectors as varied as international supermarkets, oil and gas industry in Norway, staff from the Royal household, and Dental practices in UK, Norway, Europe and beyond. Jane is the founder of The Institute of Dental Business one of the UK’s leading dental coaching and non-clinical training academies and the author of many articles for the dental press.

Jane is a trustee, fundraiser, and volunteer for Dentaid.

Outside dentistry Jane’s hobbies and interests include, running, dress making, vegetable growing

Why should I do Patient Centred BEST CHOICES?

Dental school and clinical courses don’t teach you about effective communication and the psychology of motivation and commitment. To be able to consistently deliver the high stand of treatment and care that you learn at Tipton Training you and your team need to understand the psychology of influence and powerful communication tools. Patient Centred BEST CHOICES, teaches you what you need to know in a simple and effective framework. You can be confident that the approaches you will learn have an academic background and have been tried and tested by many leading practices. You will feel confident in your career development by enrolling on this course. This course perfectly complements the clinical skills you learn and develop with Tipton Training.

What are the benefits of doing Patient centred BEST CHOICES?

The biggest benefit is that you can start to put all your newly learned clinical skills in to practice and make a return on the investments of time and money you have made. Start to do the dentistry you love. You can bring your team and for every dentist attending a DCP attends for FREE. This the time that it takes to implement the changes you want to make. Understanding communication and psychology of dentistry will ensure that you are paid appropriately for what you do, attract more of the patients you want to treat. Attending this programme and knowing that you have a team supporting you, will enable you to spend more time doing the dentistry you love to do, without the worry. Joining the workshop, you become part of a network of forward-thinking dentists leading the future of dentistry and dental business.

How much work is there beyond the course?

The project for the course is the transformation of the value and conversion rate of your treatment plans. You and your practice and you can put in as much or as little works as you want. There are no compulsory assignments, reading or homework. We know that improving your practice is your goal and that you are busy with many commitments, the workshops, webinars, graduate forum, coaching sessions are set to fit in with your schedules and we support you to achieve your outcomes working at your pace.

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