Ultra-Short Dental Implants: 2-Day Short Course


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Manchester March 2023

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Course Overview

Whereas a “standard” implant has a length of 10 to 15mm and a diameter of 3.3 to 5mm, “short” implants measure between 6 and 8mm, and “ultra-short” implants are even shorter than 6mm, with a diameter of 5 or 6mm. So, although bone augmentation procedures, such as sinus elevation techniques, are quite popular among oral surgeons; they can be avoided by simply using implants with these “special” dimensions.

The advantages of ultra-short implants are obvious:

  • no previous bone augmentation procedures are required
  • complex and unpleasant extra surgery is avoided
  • extended indications can be treated
  • reduced need to refer patients to specialists
  • lower risk of surgical complications
  • diminished morbidity
  • shortened treatment times
  • less costs

Consequently, ultra-short implants are an addition to the classical treatment spectrum in implant dentistry. Unfortunately, they are often a controversial topic since the crown-implant region which applies on natural teeth, does not play a role here. More than 35 years of proper scientific research has disproved this statement.

In this 2-day course at Tipton Training, we will focus on:

  • the added value of ultra-short implants
  • treatment planning and patient assessment for ultra-short implants
  • surgical aspects and techniques of ultra-short implants
  • prosthodontical concepts on ultra-short implants, including the digital workflow
  • recognising and dealing with surgical and prosthetic complications
  • market and marketing of ultra-short implants

Day 1:

a. Ultra-short implants: introduction & application.

  • the concept of ultra-short implants
  • case selection and patient assessment
  • prevention and management of complications

b. Ultra-short implants: surgical procedures.

  • surgical protocols and how they differ from “standard” implants
  • hands-on surgical procedures: placement of dummy ultra-short implants
  • live demo surgeries by Prof. Bollen

Day 2:

c. Ultra-short implants: market & marketing.

  • position your practice for ultra-short implants
  • increasing case acceptance by using ultra-short implants
  • select your ultra-short implant system

d. Ultra-short implants: prosthetic procedures.

  • restorative techniques and protocols (incl. digital workflow)
  • hands-on restorative procedures: prosthetics on dummy ultra-short implants
  • live demo prosthodontics by Prof. Bollen

Professor Curd Bollen

DDS – PhD – MS Periodontology – MClinDent

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Professor and Course Leader Implant Dentistry at the College of Medicine & Dentistry (Birmingham, University of Ulster, UK).
1992: DDS, 1996: PhD, 1997: MS Periodontology at the Catholic University Leuven (Belgium) and 2016: MClinDent at the University of the Pacific (Stockton, US).
Published more then 45 articles in international dental journals and over 25 in national journals. Co-author of 8 books/chapters in books.
Editor in chief of the “Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy” and of the “Journal of Dental Reports”.
International referent and lecturer on ceramic dental implants, short dental implants, concentrated growth factors, full digital workflow and halitosis.
Leads a clinic in the Netherlands, limited to periodontology and implant dentistry. Practitioner in ceramic implant dentistry since 2009.
Ambassador of the European Academy for Ceramic Implantology (the UK & NL).
Honorary fellow and ambassador for CleanImplant.
Consultant and key opinion leader for BioHorizons-Camlog and Novodent.

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