Tipton Training: 25 years of transforming dental professionals

Adam Patel DentistAs most aspiring dentists recognise, education can be the key that unlocks a successful career. One institution that recognises this is Manchester based Tipton Training, which is celebrating 25 years of sharing knowledge with ambitious dental professionals.

One recent delegate who can vouch for the benefits of studying at the academy is Dr Adam Patel. The 30-year-old completed a one year restorative course at the end of 2012, and believes the knowledge acquired from its modules has given him a foundation to reach the very top of his profession.

He took his first-steps into dentistry back in 2003 by enrolling into the University of Liverpool’s School of Dentistry. With a desire to work in a profession that combines science and artistry, in addition to wanting to change people’s lives for the better, studying dentistry seemed a perfect fit.

“Whilst studying for my A levels in my hometown of Leicester, I made a concerted effort to seek a career path that would reciprocate and harmonise with my interests and values. I gave it deep contemplation. For me, it had to be a career path that immersed science with art, somewhere I could express myself, whilst genuinely helping others,” explains Adam.

“So this led to me wanting to pursue dentistry in an academic setting. I commenced a five year undergraduate course in Liverpool, acquiring the principles of general practice with an additional year of practice placements. Whilst I enjoyed implementing the fundamental skills procured over the years, I soon discovered that working in general practice was not a viable career path for me.”

Adam goes on to describe his undergraduate degree as teaching ‘run of the mill’ skillsets, which while important, left him wanting to to acquire a deeper level of knowledge to reach the top echelon in dentistry.

This need was emphasised further in Adam’s first NHS and private practice contracts, which he began in Leicester after graduating from university and a period of travelling.

“My vocational training and initial year in practice was extremely important to me, because it  highlighted the dearth in competence and skills between just practicing and actually achieving excellence,” adds Adam.

“I realised that I had so much more to learn if I wanted to make a real difference to people’s lives through my profession. Before I started those placements, I had spent time travelling the world and learning how advanced dentistry was in other countries. The combination of these things made me determined to move my career onto the next level.

“With this in mind, I started to research what avenues of training and education could help me go on and achieve special things in my career. It was at this stage I decided to progress in restorative dentistry and contemplate the courses offered by Tipton Training.”

Having considered alternative course options, and recognising Professor Paul Tipton as an industry leader, Adam became a Tipton Training delegate on the 2011 – 2012 one year restorative course.

“I cannot recommend the restorative course highly enough. It satisfied my search for a deeper understanding of restorative dentistry in an inspiring and motivational environment,” says Adam.

“There was just the right balance between practical and theoretical modules. I believe having hands on experience is vital, especially in an atmosphere of curiosity and with peers that have a genuine thirst for knowledge.”

“In fact, I think that is one of the best aspects of taking up a Tipton Training course. Debate is encouraged and questions are welcomed. I loved talking to Professor Paul Tipton during and after lectures, gaining further insights into the restorative field and inspiration for my own career. Paul was incredibly motivational for me.”

Having successfully completed the course, Adam now has an understanding of the theoretical, scientific and engineering principles of restorative dentistry

This has led him into a masters degree in implantology at the University of Manchester He aspires to become an opinion leader and distinguished lecturer in the field. Adam has also been invited by the university to start an honorary lecturing post in 2015.

He has also written articles for a number of academic dental publications and is also a member of the Young Dentist editorial board.

“Adam is an exceptional example of a young dental professional who wants to go and make his mark on the world,” explains Professor Paul Tipton, founder of Tipton Training.

“His desire to learn new things is typical of the kind of delegates who register for our courses. They recognise that it takes determination and a willingness to challenge accepted methods to become successful.

“I’m absolutely confident that Adam will go on to achieve great things in his career. He has both the ability and personality traits to go all the way the top.”

For further information about Tipton Training and their dental training courses, please visitwww.tiptontraining.co.uk or call +44 (0)161 348 7848.

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