Transforming careers with Tipton Training and MClinDent

Dr Whhab Shakir talks about his route to and MClinDent with Tipton Training

Dr Wahab Shakir talks about his route to an MClinDent with Tipton Training

Successful completion of Tipton Training’s dentistry courses can lead to delegates being accepted into the third year of either the MClinDent Restorative and Cosmetic degree, or the MClinDent Dental Implanvology degree. The widespread imbalance between hands-on and academic learning in dentistry has led Professor Paul Tipton to co-ordinate an educational partnership between Tipton Training and the City of London Dental School, with a key focus on the practical elements of restorative dentistry and implantology.

“It’s our affiliation with the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD), along with the British Academy of Dental Implantology (BADI), that allows our delegates to fast-track onto the MClinDent degrees,” explains Professor Paul Tipton, founder of Tipton Training.

“I’d like to think Tipton Training has been proactive in giving young dentists the skills they need to have a successful career. That’s why we’re extremely pleased to have a partnership with the City of London Dental School.

“The MClinDent masters is a clinically-based qualification which is perfect for candidates looking to make strides within both clinical practice and academia. It’s perfect for those looking to establish their own private practices.” One dentist that has followed this route is Wahab Shakir. Wahab furthered his career by taking on The Restorative Course and The Phantom Head Course at Tipton Training in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

“I completed The Restorative and Phantom Head Courses with Tipton Training. Both courses have changed the way I do dentistry, and positively impacted my salary. I would definitely recommend the courses to clinicians at any stage of their practicing lives. It will take your abilities, understanding and treatment planning to advanced levels,” explains Wahab. “The courses are strongly rooted in evidence and they provide both the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to treat patients to the best standards. I especially liked the way Paul and the team teach occlusion, TMJ diagnosis, articulators and occlusal splint therapy.

“The courses also had a big positive impact on my monthly salary before I even finished! I work solely in private practice now, they gave me the confidence to diagnose and carry out work I would have referred off and not attempted before. “I am one of the first dentists taking advantage of the partnership between Tipton Training and the MClinDent in Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry at the City of London University. The conversion process was easy and the TTL course lectures and clinical cases count towards the degree. The teaching from Paul and the team has helped me prepare for the complex curriculum of the MClinDent.

The Restorative Course is a step-by-step programme in the form of practical sessions, lectures and demonstrations – delivering the foundation for private dentistry. The course takes delegates through the theoretical, scientific and engineering principles behind restorative dentistry – a perfect balance of 60% theoretical and 40% practical.” The Phantom Head Course builds on the theoretical, scientific and engineering principles learned on the The Restorative Course – giving delegates the confidence to take on significant restorative cases.

“Further training is obligatory nowadays especially when moving into private practice. If you are feeling lost in the world of dentistry, if you want to expand your knowledge and take your operative skills to top class levels then the Tipton Training Courses are a must,” adds Wahab.

The Restorative Course is available in London and Manchester, with spaces available in October 2016. The Phantom Head Course is available in London, Manchester and Scotland with courses starting in February 2017. To register for The Restorative Course or The Phantom Head Course, please call +44 (0)161 348 7848 to book a place.

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