Why the best dentists never stop learning

Just how valuable is education in dentistry? According to one of the UK’s leading dental academies, Tipton Training, it has the power to transform careers for the better – often giving dental professionals greater job satisfaction, increased income and flexibility.

For over 25 years Tipton Training has been helping dentists further their career. During this time over 3,000 delegates have successfully completed the institution’s courses. On such dentist is Colin McClure.
“I first considered a career in dentistry when my older brother of five years went to study it at Cardiff university,” explains Colin.

“I’d always liked fixing things, solving problems and helping people. This seemed like the ideal career for me. I graduated from Glasgow University in 2003 and carried out my vocational training year in Oban and stayed on as an associate the year after. Following this I moved back to Glasgow where I worked as an associate for six years before setting up my own practice in the Southside of Glasgow in 2011.”

Since that time, Colin’s practice, Whitecart Dental Care, has gone from strength-to-strength – growing to a team of 11 and servicing 6,000 patients. In 2016, it was named ‘Practice of the Year’ at the Scottish Dental Awards.

Why Tipton Training?

So why invest in more education with Tipton Training? Colin puts it down to his love of learning and ambition to the best dentists he can be.

“After the first few years of setting up my practice and once my children were a little older, I had some more time on my hands. I really enjoy dentistry. I enjoy learning and wanted to provide the best possible care for my patients,” explains Colin.

“I was also a VT trainer involved in teaching newly qualified dentists and wanted to have a more solid knowledge base. I asked friends and colleagues where they would recommend for post graduate training. In Scotland we’re still very fortunate to actually get paid to take part in CPD. Unfortunately because of this I feel that many dentists are reluctant to invest in quality post graduate courses. My brother who is a dentist in Cardiff was looking into Paul Tipton’s courses. He told me that Paul was the best. After researching him myself, I signed up for The Restorative Course.”

Engaging Course Content

Unlike other dentistry courses, Colin found Tipton Training’s materials engaging and easy to reference.

“When I first started in dentistry, I found the reading material very time consuming. A lot of it was very old, didn’t seem to be particularly relevant and quite a heavy read,” explains Colin.

“Tipton Training is the opposite. Paul is very good at bringing everything together and explaining not only what you do but why you do it. The reading list creates a solid foundation to base your treatments on. If ever challenged on why I’m doing something I can confidently refer back to a paper which backs my treatment up.

“I would absolutely recommend it to any young dentist. Undergraduate training is only the beginning. You learn so much more from doing Paul’s courses. It makes sense to do this sort of training at the start of your career as your time will never be worth so little and over the course of your career this investment will pay for itself again and again.”

Confidence To Tackle New Treatments

Colin now takes on treatments which he wouldn’t have in the past. Just recently, Colin has fitted three bridges which had a combined cost of £5,000.

“The best thing about them though was that I took my time, planned them and am confident that they will be successful. In the past I would have had to refer these,” adds Colin.

“It’s not just the advanced things though. Doing the simple things well is very satisfying. I like having a predictable outcome. In the past when a restoration would fail I would just do it again and sometimes again. Now I know why it has failed and make sure that it doesn’t happen.”

The Restorative Course

The Restorative Course is a is a step-by-step programme in the form of practical sessions, lectures and demonstrations – delivering the foundation for private dentistry. The course takes delegates through the theoretical, scientific and engineering principles behind restorative dentistry – a perfect balance of 60% theoretical and 40% practical.

The Restorative Course is available in London and Manchester. To register for The Restorative Course, please visit www.tiptontraining.co.uk or call +44 (0)161 348 7849 to book a place.

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