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At Tipton Training we aim to provide the best courses for dental professionals in the UK by drawing on the experience of our talented dental team. We aim to increase levels of confidence and self belief in our delegates and to teach them excellence in dental techniques so that they can achieve their career ambitions.

Tipton Training provides access to specialist guest speakers to ensure that you receive the most advanced knowledge available. All of our lecturers are passionate about their chosen field of dentistry and aim to ignite the same passion within you.

Our Mission

To be the best private training company for dental professionals in the UK providing essential courses to build their confidence and skills and teamwork to excel in their chosen field

Our Vision

Tipton Training courses will provide you with the latest dental scientific knowledge and clinical techniques. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable lecturers teach best practices across a range of disciplines in a way that makes them understandable and easy to implement. We aim to improve your skills through practical sessions giving you the confidence to take on more complex cases.

For those who wish to enter the field of private dentistry we will help make this conversion quick, easy and profitable.

Our Core Values:

Our Founder, Prof Paul Tipton, is passionate about achieving excellence in all aspects of dentistry. We encourage all our delegates to strive for excellence in the application of best and emerging practices to improve their standards in the quality of dental provision. Excellence extends into the principles of effective practice management and team work amongst DCP’s to ensure that practices operate efficiently to deliver excellent patient care and practice profitability.

Our courses help inspire confidence in our delegates to implement their new-found knowledge into everyday practice. Take a look at our testimonials to see how people have taken on more complex cases and had the courage to implement in their work what they have learned on our courses.

As technological advances are made and new materials are introduced, it is paramount that dental professionals refine their techniques and keep abreast of the rapid changes occurring within the fields of Restorative, Implant and Cosmetic dentistry.

Tipton Training courses undergo continuous development and evolve to incorporate advancing knowledge and changing practices within the dental profession to keep them relevant, current and essential to achieve best practice. Our Restorative Course, now in its 25th year, looks very different from when we started it as it has been updated to reflect the advances in the ‘art of the possible’ in restorative dentistry.

Tipton Training courses offer hands-on training, combined with lectures and seminars, all under the direct supervision of our highly skilled specialists. We offer practical courses in purpose-built dental facilities to give delegates the opportunity to try out new-found skills on the latest Kavo models and Phantom Heads.
We believe that practical, hands-on, experience in implementing new techniques is vital to building confidence and achieving excellence in dentistry.

The latest changes in the scope of practice guidelines, set out by the GDC, offer huge opportunity for practices to operate more cost effectively, increasing patient throughput without impacting the overall quality of dental provision.

Tipton Training believes that teamwork based on share knowledge of best practices and methods across the different DCP disciplines can dramatically improve practice performance.
We have developed an exciting range of courses designed to improve the teamwork, both within dental practices and, between the practice and the laboratory.

We can provide practical tips to help transform your practice to deliver new levels of performance – if you so wish. Help with efficient marketing and operations is available together with advice on both patient and practice management

We understand that it is not always convenient to study in long sessions. Our different year long courses operate streams on different days of the week helping you to fit the sessions in around your practice. At convenient month long intervals you are able to take away with you what you have learnt and integrate it gradually into your everyday practice. Our lecturers review what you have practiced in the month before allowing you to hone your practical technique.