PG Diploma (Level 7)

Having trained dentists in the UK and Internationally for over 27 years, we have an appreciation of how good quality education can improve the quality of treatments delivered to patients and thus improve the job satisfaction of dentists. Over the years, we have seen our Alumni grow and prosper. This alone has strengthened the belief in our courses and makes us even more determined in delivering high quality dental education.

We update our courses proactively based on industry trends and delegate requirements. In 2016 when we decided to update our course we took a very important decision. To take our portfolio to the next level we setup our courses as Post Graduate Certificates and Post Graduate Diplomas. Whilst the dental industry has several private training organisations offering PG Certificates & PG Diplomas, the vast majority are not accredited by established UK awarding bodies.

As a leader in dental education and a responsible training organisation we took the decision that it was in the best interest of our delegates/learners to go the extra mile and setup a Level 7 Post Graduate Vocational Qualifications. We went through an extensive approval process with EduQual (a UK awarding body) which has rated the qualifications as being equivalent to level 7. EduQual qualifications are officially credit-rated for the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (the SCQF), a national qualifications framework, aligned to the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Consequently, we expect our courses to be listed on the SCQF and other relevant qualification frameworks in the near future.

Post Graduate Diploma

Essentially a PG Diploma is comparable to completing the education associated with 2 or 3 of our PG Certificates. As such, you can reap the benefits of 2 or 3 courses within a substantially shorter duration. Understandably, the effort involved in completing an accelerated PG Diploma is increased as delegates invest time earlier. However, the benefits of superior confidence and ability to deliver better quality treatments means delegates realise the inherent advantages earlier.

A PG Diploma course has multiple units (usually 10 to 12) and can be completed in an a standard duration within approximately 12 or 18 months, or, as an extended course completed within approximately 24 to 36 months. Each unit has specific learning outcomes which are assessed regularly through multiple choice questionnaires, reflective write-ups and structured feedback on hands-on work.

Tipton Training’s Postgraduate Diploma is a level 7 vocationally-related qualification accredited by EduQual, an established UK Awarding body offering a range of qualifications that have been credit-rated for the SCQF by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). In reviewing our programmes we took care to ensure that the scope and depth of topics covered coupled with the highly valued flexibility of a traditional Tipton Training course were retained. We also updated our existing assessments to guarantee credibility, qualification status and value for our delegates.

What is a Level 7 Course?

We have worked hard in developing our previous course portfolio into Level 7 Post Graduate Certificates & Diplomas. Starting September 2017, our courses will be Level 7 Vocational Qualifications. These differ from other Industry qualifications primarily because they are recognised by an established UK awarding body.

In England, a level 7 qualification considered to be postgraduate level – for example, other level 7 qualifications include Masters degrees. In Scotland, the equivalent level 11 qualifications are considered to be postgraduate level. See The QAA Website for a comparison of the various UK and European qualification frameworks.

We have maintained the same range of topics and teaching methods, but, enhanced the benefits of joining Tipton Training, by being able to award Level 7 PG Certificates & PG Diplomas.

Courses Accredited by

PG Diploma in Dental Implantology

PG Diploma in Prosthodontics (Level 7) | £500 Registration fee applies

PG Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry (Level 7) | £500 Registration fee applies

PG Diploma in Restorative Dentistry (Level 7) | £500 Registration fee applies

PG Diploma in Implant Prosthodontics (Level 7) | £500 Registration fee applies

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