Our Mission

To be a responsible dental training organisation delivering a high quality training and patient experience that leads to the professional development of dentists.

About Us

Professor Paul Tipton and his well respected, hand-picked team have been delivering Post Graduate Training Courses for over 30 Years. Within this time, we have successfully trained over 5,000 delegates.

Dentistry is an ever-changing profession. With this in mind, our courses are always developing to ensure we are delivering a course with the latest scientific research and clinical skills. In addition to Professor Tipton, our faculty includes several Specialists and Lecturers teaching with reputable universities. They work alongside a team of experienced Dentists who have worked with Professor Tipton or are experienced Tipton Training alumni. Our knowledgeable and well respected faculty ensure that you receive the most advanced and up to date education available.

In 2016 we took the decision to enhance our current portfolio and take our courses to the next level. In the second half of 2017 we put in our application for approval and credit rating. We expect our courses to be credit rated and listed on the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework (SCQF) by December 2017 and the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) which is the OfQual regulated framework sometime in 2018. A level 7 course is the equivalent of a Master’s level post graduate qualification in the British Framework and is a recognised assurance of quality. The Level 7 status can only be awarded to a course after the curriculum, method of delivery and assessment is verified by a recognised body.

Our inherent goal is that everything taught on a Tipton Training Course can be put into practice the very next day. Our past delegates have taken the necessary steps to differentiate themselves from their peers. Why don’t you do the same?

Our Training Philosophy

The Tipton Training training philosophy is based on its belief that dentistry is a hands-on profession letting a dentist use both scientific knowledge and hands-on clinical skills to deliver quality treatment. A dentist is challenged on these fronts and consequently needs to be comfortable using their knowledge and clinical skills while treating patients. We want to support dentists in successfully overcoming this challenge.

At Tipton Training, we follow the Learn-Practice-Reflect-Perform philosophy. Delegates Learn through face-to-face teaching, various scientific papers and other reading materials provided on the course. Assessments are carefully crafted to let delegates Practice and Reflect on their education. It is our belief that by Learning, Practicing and then Reflecting on their Learning and Practical work delegates will be in the best position to Perform when it comes to patient treatment.

I highly recommend the Tipton Restorative Course by Tipton Training. It offers a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of restorative dentistry, with expert instructors providing personalised guidance. The hands-on training and networking opportunities provided invaluable practical experience and connections within the dental community. Overall, this course has been transformative for my career, enhancing my skills and confidence in delivering high quality dental care. Thank you, Tipton Training, for this exceptional learning experience!

– Dr A. El-Khanagry, Restorative Birmingham 2023-2024

Empowering Dentists

Having trained over 5,000 dentists across three decades, we are the first to recognise how great education can Empower Dentists. Regardless of your goals and ambitions, the value that a Tipton Training Course can provide, Empowers Dentists to follow a unique path. Some of our valued alumni have gone on to set up their own dental practices, some have gone on to gain further Qualifications, but all have one thing in common and that is a significant improvement in skills and confidence that can be applied in practice the very next day.

I would like to thank all the lectures for their input into my further education. I feel like I’ve gone one step further in my career of dentistry and feel more confident now with planning and offering treatments to my patients. Just being on the course among top class dentists and colleagues made me inspired and gave me motivation to carry on with my profession and daily work. Attending the course also broke my every day working routine and made my life more interesting. I would highly recommend this course to any dentist who wants to improve their knowledge and clinical skills and take their career in dentistry to the next level.

– Dr S. Humphreys, Restorative Manchester 2022-2023

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