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The Cosmetic & Aesthetic Course


Course Starts: 31st May 17
Venue: Manchester

Registration Fee: £250 + VAT
£499 +VAT per day, Manchester

Duration: 12 days over the course of 1 year
Instructors:  Prof Paul Tipton & Associates
Max. Delegates: 24

Download a Brochure (PDF)

The field of aesthetic dentistry has expanded rapidly over the last five years and dental practitioners who can harness the power of aesthetic treatments within their practice have the chance of building a more profitable and succesful business.

This course is designed to give you a firm foundation in the science and principles of aesthetic dentistry. It will help you to identify how the techniques in aesthetic dentistry can be best applied in your practice and how, ultimately, you can improve the level of patient satisfaction.

This course is ideal for if you:

• Want to take on more complex cosmetic cases

• Are looking to increase the amount of cosmetic work you undertake

• Want to move in to private dentistry

Attendance on this course will qualify for your CPD qualification; each day of the course is equivalent to 6 hours CPD.

Course Aims

Our main aims are to:

• Give you a solid foundation in the science and principles of aesthetic dentistry

• Teach you how to create the ‘perfect smile’ for your patient

• Give you the confidence to tackle more complex cosmetic cases

Course Benefits

The course allows the general practitioner to use previous experience and existing skills to tackle aesthetic problems. It is excellent for understanding the restorative, surgical, periodontal interfaces of the aesthetic case. You will benefit from:

Hands-on Lectures

Improve your techniques with more hands-on work and in just a few months you can increase your treatment options and stop referring patients elsewhere

State of the art facilities

In addition to our brand new seminar and 12-surgery state-of-the art facility, we use the latest Phantom Heads for practice of full tooth preparation procedures, giving you the closest experience available to working on a live patient!

Quality Teaching

Dr. Tipton is a leading authority on aesthetic & cosmetic dentistry in the UK and is the presenter of numerous one-day seminars in Aesthetic Dentistry.

Topics Covered

  • Hands on tooth preparation
  • Pink porcelain/ composites
  • Periodontal surgical procedures
  • Bleaching techniques
  • Diastema Closure
  • Treating crowded dentition
  • Posterior composites/Porcelain inlays
  • Articulators and facebows
  • Geller models/laboratory support
  • Which ceramic to choose
  • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Marketing
  • Veneers/Ceramic crowns
  • Black Triangle disease
  • Crown lengthening
  • Occlusion – Vertical dimension
  • Golden (Divine) Proportion
  • Bonding and adhesion
  • Smile design – science and art
  • Lifelike prototype restorations
  • Cosmetic contouring
  • Computer Imaging and Photography
  • Other specialist lecturers

Testimonial Videos

Click on one of the the images below to hear feedback from some of our previous delegates of The Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry training course.

aesthetics interview 1
aesthetics interview 2
aesthetics interview 3


This course was a very valuable experience and a very useful source of information integrated into an interdisciplinary approach. I feel I gained practical realistic advice from experienced dental practitioners. It was an incredible opportunity to attend this course. Thank you Prof Paul Tipton, along with the entire team! Thank you for your dedication and delightful humour which made this challenging material an absolute treat! This course has made such a positive impact in my life, it has opened my eyes to new perspectives in my career. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about a career in the dental field.
Dr Roxana Drug-Ionescu, 2015

The trademark of Tipton Training that through excellence comes confidence is absolutely true. Being a practising dentist for 30 years comes a time when you realise that you don’t enjoy dentistry as much as in the beginning. You tend to fall into a groove of doing the same old thing every day. But since attending Paul`s courses and learning new views and techniques made it more interesting and gave me the extra confidence to do more complex cases, and at the same time make it more enjoyable.. This is courses not only for the young dentists, but for all dentists of all ages who want to strive for excellence. 
Dr Pieter Crouse, 2015

The course has increased my confidence in the skills I have, challenging and stimulating me, whilst broadening my clinical horizons and aspirations. Everyone is so supportive, you are never afraid to ask questions for fear of being judged, as every opportunity is taken to make each experience one to learn from.

Dr Dafydd Davies , 2015