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The Phantom Head Course

Course Starts:

16 Sep 2017, Manchester – SATURDAY COURSE

28 Feb 2018, Manchester
27 Feb 2018, London
Venue: Manchester & London
Registraion Fee: £250 + VAT
£575 + VAT per day, Manchester
          £625 + VAT per day, London
(exc. models and burs kit)
Duration: 10 modules over 12 days with 2 e-learning days
Max. Delegates: 24
Instructors: Prof Paul Tipton & Associates

Our postgraduate dental course helps you develop your tooth preparation skills and is ideal if you want to:

  • Hone your skills and techniques for individual tooth preparation
  • Take on more significant restorative cases
  • Increase the amount of private work you undertake
  • Move into private practice

Our practical restorative one-year course is also a perfect “refresher” course if you feel that your knowledge and techniques have become a little dated. The field of restorative and cosmetic dentistry is advancing at a rapid rate in terms of techniques and the materials available. We continually update our one-year postgraduate dental courses to ensure that our delegates have a competitive edge in the market. Attendance on this course will qualify for your CPD qualification; each day of the course is equivalent to 6 hours CPD.

Course Aims

The main aims of our Phantom Head course are to: • Teach you how to put scientifically proven restorative techniques into practice to deliver great results • Give you confidence to take on more significant restorative cases • Help ease your transition into private practice The Phantom Head Course builds on the theoretical, scientific and engineering principles learned on the Tipton Training One Year Restorative Course.

Course Structure

The course consists of 12 days. The 10 days are 100% practical, with an additional 2 days of e-learning through webinars. With this course structure in place, we are able to designate more time for practical sessions. Our Phantom Head course days are more interactive, giving you more opportunities to benefit from personal mentoring. By increasing the amount of practical hands-on work on the course, you will gain more experience which translates to improved techniques, skills and confidence. Keynote lectures will be delivered as webinars (in the form of video, voice messaging, and power point). Webinars will be made accessible two weeks prior to the practical course day, giving you chance to prepare ahead of the practical session. The application of webinars to the Phantom Head Course provides you with a broader learning experience and means that we don’t have to compromise on time spent on practicals.

Course Benefits

Increase your income Improve your technique and the quality of your results with more hands-on restorative work. Performing just one extra treatment a month could mean that the course pays for itself! Develop your skills Gain the clinical skills required to prepare and restore teeth for both basic and advanced restorative procedures, so that you can stop referring valuable work elsewhere! Learn from experience The phantom head course is 90% practical, so for 90% of the time you will be perfecting your techniques under the guidance of the Tipton Training Faculty. Phantom heads offer the closest experience available to working on a live patient Schedule the course to suit you Our North West and London based practical restorative course offers a wider choice of locations and start times than any other private dental training company for greater convenience.

Topics Covered

  • Tooth preparation techniques
  • Procera, Inceram, Empress
  • Posterior bonded crowns
  • Partial porcelain veneers
  • Carbon fibre posts/ composite cores
  • Anterior composites
  • Anatomical carving for composites
  • Amalgam bonded restorations
  • Maryland bridge preps
  • Bridge design and preparation
  • Two handed tooth preparation
  • New materials
  • Anterior bonded crowns
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain inlays & onlays
  • Gold posts and cores
  • Adhesion and bonding techniques
  • Posterior composites
  • Staining posterior composites
  • Nayyar amalgam cores
  • Gold crowns, onlays and 3/4 crowns
  • Grooves and box preps for bridges
  • Temporisation procedures

Testimonial Videos

Click on one of the the images below to hear what our delegates have to say.

practical restortive video 1
practical restorative video 2
practical restorative video 3


Tipton Training has given me the confidence to tackle more complex cases, by giving me a understanding of what I am doing and also teaching me to implement what I have learnt on the phantom, heads. It has led to a increase in private revenue and also has led me to start a private position.

Dr. H Grewal, 2015

An ideal course to improve practical skills, improve confidence in treating complex cases.

Dr. S Chawoo, 2015

The advice and support from the Tipton faculty members have been invaluable – happy to talk around the subject and practical applications or daily practice which have made translating the phantom head to patients incredibly helpful!

Dr. C Rutter, 2015

Tipton Training course gave me great knowledge and confidence for undertaking new more extensive,more complex cases than before. We had great mentors that explain and give you the trust you need to improve your self confidence. It is for sure one of the best courses you can go to improve your skills, confidence and also to increase an annual income higher than before on doing more cases than before.

Dr. J Silva, 2015