Aspire for more from your dental career with Tipton Training

Achieving success in the dental industry can unlock a number of attractive benefits, including greater financial freedom and more independence. Recognising this, Tipton Training has been giving aspiring dentists the opportunity to gain more skills and experience in various areas of dentistry for over 25 years.

With teaching locations in London, Manchester and now Scotland, private dentists have access to a wide range of courses which come in a variety of formats to suit different needs, including post-graduate, corporate, year long and short courses. Tipton Training delegates can study in the fields of restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry, allowing private dentists to expand their practices offerings and NHS dentists the chance to develop the skills they need to make the transition into private practice. With each course delivered through a combination of theoretical lectures and supervised practical training, delegates can gain invaluable experience which can be easily transferred into real practice.

By providing access to these courses, many of our delegates have reported a significant rise in their private income. In a recent survey, 60% of our delegates who attended The Phantom Head Course confirmed that they had seen an average increase of £2,500 per month to their income as a direct result of attending the course. Similarly delegates on The Implant Course, one of the UK’s longest established courses, have reported income increases of up to 20% following their attendance on the course. Many have also claimed that Tipton Training courses have helped to improve levels of job satisfaction, making an investment into quality training a more attractive option for those looking to embark on a more exciting and satisfying career in the dental industry.

In recent years, there has been growing concern over the continuing slump in the average income for NHS dentists – in just five years the median earnings for primary care dentists has fallen by £22,000. With the pending imposition of junior contracts and changes to the loans and bursary system for university students, more young dental professionals will be looking for ways to get the most from their dental careers. Embarking on further training and gaining specific qualifications in dentistry is first place to start.

Statistics have shown that primary care dentists consistently struggle to increase profitability, however Tipton Training has helped its network of NHS delegates continue to successfully break the trend of falling income by enabling them to expand their portfolio of specialist private treatments. By developing skills in restorative, implantology and cosmetic dentistry, these primary care dentists have the chance to run more successful practices.

Courses like The Cosmetic & Aesthetic Course and The Restorative Course allow dentists to increase their skills and knowledge so that they are able to take on more complex cases with much more confidence. Each of our courses aim to provide the latest dental scientific knowledge and clinical techniques, all delivered by specialists and experts in their respected fields. All courses are delivered in an understandable and accessible manner through a mixture of theoretical and practical learning.

As well as providing the opportunity to develop a new skill set, our courses are a great place for candidates to meet and network with like-minded dentists and develop working relationships. There have been a number of successful working partnerships formed by past Tipton Training delegates.

The dental industry is a competitive market so it’s important to stand out. Attendance on a Tipton Training course will help candidates gain invaluable industry recognition. Tipton Training has a strong reputation for striving for excellence and consistently delivering a proven track record, and for this reason is well respected within the industry.

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