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Tipton Training boosts higher education prospects of past and present delegates

Following the announcement of their new educational partnership with a London dental school, Tipton Training is set to give its delegates further inroads into higher education.

It was revealed in January that students who completed a one year Tipton Training course and passed relevant examinations, would receive credits for theoretical modules on the City of London Dental School’s masters degree programme, known as MClinDent.

Now successful completion of Tipton Training’s dentistry courses can lead to delegates being accepted into the third year of either the MClinDent Restorative and Cosmetic degree, or the MClinDent Dental Implantology degree.

“It’s our affiliation with the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD), along with the British Academy of Dental Implantology (BADI), that allows our delegates to fast-track onto the MClinDent degrees,” explains Professor Paul Tipton, founder of Tipton Training.

“It’s quite simple to follow. Tipton Training’s one year restorative, phantom head and cosmetic dental courses can lead to a BARD certificate and diploma, while our one year implant course can lead to a BADI certificate and diploma. This is providing delegates pass the relevant BARD or BADI exams.

“For example, to gain exemption from the first year of the MClinDent Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry degree, delegates must complete the Tipton Training one year restorative dentistry course and then pass the BARD certificate exam at the end of their period of study.

“To bypass the second year of the MClinDent Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry degree, delegates must then complete Tipton Training’s one year phantom head, or cosmetic aesthetic course. They also need to pass the BARD diploma exams at the end of either course. You can complete the courses in any order. For instance, you can also complete the Aesthetic or the Phantom head course in the first year and the Restorative (compulsory) course in the second year. ”

The same principle applies to Tipton Training’s implant course. After a successful first year of training, delegates may take the BADI certificate examinations. Completion would gain exemption from the first year of the MClinDent Dental Implantology degree.

After taking the second year of Tipton Training’s implant course, a BADI diploma can be awarded to the delegates who pass the exams. The BADI diploma provides entrance to the final year of the MClinDent Dental Implantology degree.

Professor Tipton added: “This new route to the third year of MClinDent degrees is also available to our past delegates, providing they have completed two years’ worth of Tipton Training courses. All that would be required from them is to pass the relevant BARD and BADI examinations, which are now included in our current course curricula.”

The MClinDent masters degree programme, from the City of London Dental School, is a clinically-based qualification that is suitable for candidates looking to make strides within both clinical practice and academia. The degree courses start September To find out more go to:

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