Dr. Maria Hardman Joins Tipton Training’s PEP Network

As the UK’s leading private dental education provider, Tipton Training is always looking for talented dentists to join its Preferred Education Partner (PEP) network.

The objective of this network is simple: to deliver high quality dental education and mentorship to dentists.

But this objective presents a challenge.

To provide the best education and mentorship, we have to find the UK’s best dental professionals to join our PEP network. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Dr. Maria Hardman.

As a Tipton Training alumni, Maria understands the exceptional standards that underpin all of our courses. She also has a long-standing relationship with our lecturing team, including Professor Paul Tipton.

Since completing our restorative, operative and implant courses, Maria has excelled in her career. It’s why she enjoys a reputation of being a brilliant clinician and fantastic professional. This pursuit of excellence is also apparent at Clinic95.

When we approached Maria about becoming a PEP, we learned about her work with Warwick University and the University of Central Lancashire Preston. This demonstrates her commitment to education and her appreciation of how it benefits dentists.

In Maria, we also have an individual who is entrepreneurial and has experience of real-world dentistry.

But most importantly, she is someone who values education. She understands how it can benefit her local dental and patient community. She is a fantastic addition to our PEP network.

About Tipton Training
For the past three decades, Tipton Training has taught over 3000 dentists. Traditionally, these courses have been delivered at specialist facilities in London and Manchester.

Why? Well, running courses from these two locations has made it easier to maintain the quality of training we provide.

However, as our business has expanded, we have recognised the need to run courses from more locations throughout the UK. Understandably, many dentists are busy caring for their patients and find travelling difficult.

This is why our PEP network is critical. It will help us deliver high quality education and mentorship to more dentists, while maintaining the standards synonymous with Tipton Training.

To extend our PEP network, we’ve developed a thorough vetting process. Specifically, we’re looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals that value Tipton Training’s methods.

We’re also looking for individuals that have demonstrable business success. Here at Tipton Training, we believe in giving our delegates the skills and knowledge that they can make a tangible difference to their profitability. That’s why our PEP network consists of professionals that run their own successful practices.

Training Philosophy

Tipton Training’s philosophy is based on its belief that dentistry is a hands-on profession. To deliver quality treatments, dentists need to combine scientific knowledge with hands-on clinical skills.

It’s why we’ve developed the ‘Learn-Practice-Reflect-Perform’ philosophy.

First, delegates learn through face-to-face teaching, various scientific papers and other reading materials provided on our courses. Second, we design assessments that allow delegates to practice and reflect on what they’ve been taught. This process ensures delegates are ready to perform in a day-to-day practice setting.

By Vivek Gupta, CEO of Tipton Training

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