How Tipton Training can help you fulfill your ambitions

Building comprehensive skillsets can give dentists the opportunity to go further in their career, namely because they can take on more complicated cosmetic cases. Tipton Training has been helping dentists do this for over 25 years, guiding ambitious professionals through industry leading courses.

The academy offers a wide variety of courses for private dentists. Delegates can study the fields of restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry through a mixture of practical training seminars and theoretical lectures under the direct supervision of qualified specialists.

Tipton Training courses also provide dentists with the latest dental scientific knowledge and clinical techniques. Lecturers teach the best practices across a range of disciplines in a way that makes them understandable and easy to implement.

Delegates improve their skills through practical sessions, giving them the confidence to take on more complex cases. As a result, many NHS dentists move into private practice, where they get the chance to earn more money and work flexible hours better suited to them. Tipton Training’s courses are located in London, Manchester and Scotland, giving more dentists the chance to take their careers to the next level.

“We want people to get the most out of their dental career, that’s why we offer a variety of courses to help dentists improve their knowledge and bolster practice income,” explains Professor Paul Tipton, founder of Tipton Training.

“For example, 60% of our delegates who took The Phantom Head Course at Tipton Training have claimed that their private work has increased by £2,500 per month on average as a result.

“These improved profit averages are all based on cumulative total earnings, divided by the number of delegates. Many delegates also claim that Tipton Training courses increase their rate of job satisfaction. So investing into quality training holds significant potential for dentists who want an exciting future in dentistry.”

Many of our past delegates that have been taught by Professor Paul Tipton have succeeded in achieving their ambitions. Some have even achieved ‘celebrity’ status in dentistry, running multiple successful private or mixed practices. Other delegates have gone on to win numerous industry awards and teach other dentists.

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more popular each year, as more people are becoming more concerned about the appearance of their teeth. So by taking courses such as The Cosmetic and Aesthetic Course and The Restorative Course, dentists can take on complex cosmetic cases with confidence because of their improved skillset and knowledge.

Many dentists are seeing the opportunities and benefits of moving into private dentistry. Within five years, NHS earnings have dropped and dentists are beginning to struggle. Moving into private practice gives dentists the chance to earn much more money and give them the chance to take back control in their lives. They have more time and money to do things they enjoy.

We encourage all our delegates to strive for excellence and to improve their standards in the quality of dental provision. Excellence extends into the principles of effective practice management and teamwork amongst DCP’s to ensure that practices operate efficiently to deliver excellent patient care and practice profitability.

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