Over the twenty years since Prof Tipton started his Restorative Dentistry Course, over two thousand dentists have now attended Tipton Training courses. Past delegates have commented on how the skills and knowledge acquired from Tipton Training courses have increased their confidence and ability to operate at new levels of patient care.

Many delegates have increased their earnings by significant multiples as a result of attending. In these difficult times, businesses and individuals who invest in themselves often find that they emerge far stronger than their competitors. Take a look at the testimonials from our past delegates. We hope they help you decide to invest in yourself and to chose Tipton Training for your continuing professional development.

Anyone thinking of doing one of these courses, stop thinking. Do it, don’t think about it. No sycophantic platitudes, but my career has changed since doing these courses.

You need to differentiate and excel now if you are going to get the career you want in UK dentistry in the future. If I were to be looking for an associate to join my team, then this would be a pre-requisite for them to have done or be doing. You don’t know what you don’t know until you’ve experienced this level of teaching.

Simon Thackeray

Has helped my self confidence greatly. Was non-existent before, but I now have the knowledge and skills to believe in what I am doing is good work.

Dr. Caroline Chapman (West Midlands)

Much more confident. Happier to charge more! Realise that I have more potential untapped

Dr. Rob Chapman (Newcastle)

Excellent….. pays for itself both financially and in terms of professional esteem. Invaluable in my conversion to private practice. It’s fun too!

Dr. Ian Peace (Nottingham)

At the start of the course I had recently purchased a private dental practice from a very well respected dentist. I would not have had the confidence to step into his shoes without doing this course.

Dr. Matthew Houlton (York)

Clinically I have Improved a lot and more confident to offer complex cases

Dr. Stuart Bright (Sheffield)

This course has increased my confidence and improved my dentistry immensely. Having only graduated a year ago I recommend this course to all new graduates both educationally and financially. My private income has increased by 600%.

Dr. Imran Rangzeb (Bradford)

The course gave me the confidence and knowledge to start placing and restoring implants for my own patients. On a purely business basis the course was a sound investment having paid for itself many times within the first year.

Neil Sampson (Stoke on Trent)

Paul has been responsible for providing me with stimulating and relevant evidence based knowledge that I have been able to relate to my everyday work. This has enabled me to greatly improve my standards of patient care and also improve the quality of my working life.

Dr William Murphy (Birmingham)

Paul Tipton is very knowledgeable, demonstrating excellent practical tips. I recommend this course to all dentists wanting to absorb new knowledge in order to revolutionise the way they practice dentistry.

Steven J Legg (Derbyshire)

Paul has the charisma and knowledge to deliver an excellent course. If you want to raise your standards, make your dentistry more profitable and enjoyable, I can’t recommend this more highly.

Dr John Murray (Ireland)

Dr Paul Tipton’s courses are immensely stimulating they widened my horizons, improved my standards and improved the quality of my dentistry enormously.

Dr Hugh Knowles (Warwickshire)

This course has proved to me how much more there is to learn in dentistry! An excellent course, providing me with the clinical skills and confidence to realise my dentistry potential.

Caroline Ingamells (Lake District)

I placed nine implants within the first six days of the course. Paul and Ibs have given me the skills to dramatically increase my income.

Dr Marius Swanepoel

Paul’s course has given me the knowledge, confidence and motivation to offer a new level of dental treatment to my patients. My private income has increased by over 400%, but the satisfaction I am now gaining from my improved clinical abilities is immeasurable. I would advise every dentist to enrol on the course.

Dr. Kam Singh Chana (Bradford)

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